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These handpicked baguette sandwich recipes celebrate the baguette’s versatility with both timeless and innovative sandwiches.

From the classic Jambon Beurre to the vibrant worlds of Banh Mi and the Tripleta, these recipes showcase the simplicity and sophistication of the humble baguette and why it makes a great picnic sandwich.

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What Makes the Baguette a Great Picnic Sandwich

Baguettes are celebrated for their simplicity, versatility, and deliciousness. The durable crust prevents the sandwich from getting soggy, while the soft interior enhances flavor absorption.

Baguette sandwiches are easy to share and transport and offer a satisfying, elegant, and convenient picnic sandwich with gourmet appeal.

The Secrets to Creating The Best Baguette Sandwich

The Foundation–Choosing the Right Baguette

The foundation of any great baguette sandwich begins with selecting the right baguette. A perfect baguette has a crisp exterior and a soft, airy interior. Freshness is key, as a day-old baguette may lack the softness inside and the satisfying crunch outside.

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The crust should be golden and slightly blistered, indicating it was baked properly, while the interior should have a light, chewy texture, full of small air bubbles. This delicate balance between crust and crumb ensures the baguette can stand up to various fillings without becoming soggy, making it an ideal base for your sandwich.

Tip: If your baguette has lost its crunch, lightly sprinkle it with water and warm it in the oven at 200°F for a few minutes. This method helps restore its crusty texture without drying it out.

Layering- The Art of Assembly

Mastering the art of assembling a baguette sandwich involves more than just stacking ingredients; it’s about creating a delicious balance of flavors and textures. Here are some techniques and tips to up your sandwich-making game:

  • Layering Techniques:
    • Contrast Textures: Combine crunchy elements like lettuce or cucumber with soft ones like avocado or cheese. This contrast in texture enhances the eating experience.
    • Contrasting flavors:Pair salty meats like prosciutto with sweet fruit like fig (like with my Fig and Prosciutto Baguette)or creamy cheeses like brie with tangy pickles.
    • Spread Flavors: Apply spreads like mustard, mayonnaise, or pesto directly on the bread. For a gourmet touch, consider using both sides of the bread for different spreads. Remember, dips like whipped feta can also become a delicious spread.
    • Layering Order: Place delicate ingredients like lettuce near the bread to prevent sogginess. Heavier, moist ingredients like tomatoes or pickles should be placed in the center.
    • Balance Ingredients: Distribute ingredients evenly along the baguette. Each bite should offer a cohesive taste of all components.
    • Cheese Placement:Spread soft cheeses directly on the bread,while sliced cheeses can go anywhere.
  • Maximizing Flavor:
    • Seasoning: Don’t forget to season your sandwich. A pinch of salt and pepper can enhance the natural flavors of your ingredients. Consider adding herbs like basil or thyme for an aromatic touch.


While diverse in ingredients, these recipes share a focus on preparing simple yet delicious sandwiches. The best baguette sandwich relies on only a few quality ingredients, like my very classy Fig and Chicken Baguette.

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Classic Ingredients

Exploring the classic ingredients and combinations used in French baguette sandwiches highlights the importance of high-quality components in creating simple yet flavorful sandwiches. Here’s a look at a few traditional elements from some timeless baguette recipes:

  • High-Quality Butter: A cornerstone for many French sandwiches, particularly the Jambon Beurre. The butter should be rich, ideally from grass-fed cows, offering a creamy texture and depth of flavor.
  • French-Style Ham: For the Jambon Beurre, select thinly sliced, high-quality ham from the bone.
  • Cheese: From the nutty Gruyère to the creamy Brie, French cheeses add a luxurious texture and complexity to sandwiches.
  • Fresh Vegetables: Tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers are commonly used for their freshness and crunch.
  • Herbs and Seasonings: A sprinkle of sea salt, cracked pepper, or fresh herbs like tarragon can transform even the simplest sandwich.

The classic French baguette has also inspired many global sandwiches, such as the famous Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich, Italian Caprese versions, and even a Puerto Rican Tripleta.

Baguette Sandwich Recipes

Pesto Caprese Baguette Sandwich

This fresh and fragrant Pesto Caprese Baguette bundles the classic Italian salad of ripe tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil into a crusty baguette for some delicious picnic dolce vita.

Get the Pesto Caprese Sandwich Recipe

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Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Baguette Sandwich

This baguette relies on only a few quality ingredients – Prosciutto, soft, quality goat's cheese, and the strong salty flavors offset with sweet fresh figs. If it's not fig season, use a quality fig chutney or fig spread instead.

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Fig and Chicken Baguette Sandwich

This chicken baguette picnic sandwich with sweet figs and salty manchego cheese is all-class. This recipe calls for sliced chicken breast. Of course, you can use rotisserie chicken. In this recipe, I used smoked chicken breast, which is easy to make, and the smoky flavor goes beautifully with the sweetness of the figs.

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Burrata Prosciutto Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper Butter

While this Italian sandwich full of fresh summer flavors is traditionally made with ciabatta bread, it lends itself wonderfully to a baguette. Using baguette bread for this Italian Stallion of a sandwich is an especially great idea if you are feeding a crowd.

Get the Burrata Sandwich Recipe

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Prosciutto and Brie Baguette Sandwich with Fig Orange Spread

This gourmet prosciutto and brie sandwich with fig orange spread on a baguette is perfect for a picnic lunch. The fresh orange flavor makes it a gorgeous Spring picnic sandwich.

Get the Prosciutto and Brie Baguette Sandwich Recipe

Photo credit: https://www.pinchmeimeating.com

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Jambon Buerre: French Ham and Butter Baguette Sandwich.

A Jambon Beurre, French ham and butter baguette is one of the simplest sandwiches with only three ingredients, but it is one of the best you’ll ever have. The quality of the ingredients are key to the success of this classic baguette sandwich.

Get the Jambon Buerre Recipe

Photo credit: https://www.christinascucina.com

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Baguette Sandwich with Asparagus and Goat Cheese

A fantastic picnic sandwich that stays fresh until lunch time. With crisp asparagus and soft goat cheese, this sandwich is an example of how only a few quality ingredients can make a great sandwich.

Get the Asparagus and Goat Cheese Baguette Recipe

Photo credit: https://askthefoodgeek.com

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Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng (Grilled Pork Sandwich)

A legacy of French colonial rule in Vietnam, the Banh Mi has become one of the worlds most beloved baguette sandwiches. This recipe gives you the know how to make authentic Thit Nuong Banh Mi at home.

Get the Banh Mi Recipe

Photo credit: https://www.savorysweetspoon.com

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Vegan Banh Mi Sandwich

Looking for a vegan twist on the Banh Mi, this recipe has you covered. A French baguette loaded with fresh herbs, quick pickled vegetables, and hearty Field Roast.

Get the Vegan Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe

Photo credit: https://cadryskitchen.com

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Pressed Baguette Sandwich with Pesto & Chicken

In a nod to fresh Mediterranean flavors, this cold pressed sandwich is loaded with pesto, chicken, mozzarella, red peppers, and arugula. A great make ahead sandwich for picnics.

Get the Pressed Baguette Sandwich Recipe

Photo credit: https://mandiofthemountains.com

11 Baguette Sandwich Recipes | Picnic Lifestyle (13)

Puerto Rican Tripleta Sandwich

Piled high with meat, cheese, and fresh vegetables, the tripleta sandwich is a Puerto Rican twist on the classic Cuban sandwich.

Get the Tripleta Sandwich Recipe

Photo credit: https://inthekitch.net

11 Baguette Sandwich Recipes | Picnic Lifestyle (14)

Easy Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

These crockpot French dip sandwiches with super crusty baguettes are the ultimate in comfort food and so easy to whip up.

Get the French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Photo credit: https://www.100daysofrealfood.com

11 Baguette Sandwich Recipes | Picnic Lifestyle (15)


Can baguette sandwiches be made ahead of time?

Yes, most baguette sandwiches can be made ahead of time. Some even benefit from being made in advance. However, assembling them close to the time of serving is often recommended to maintain the best texture.

How can I prevent my baguette sandwich from becoming soggy?

To prevent sogginess, use ingredients like lettuce as a barrier between moist fillings and the bread. Spreading a thin layer of butter or mayonnaise can also help by creating a moisture barrier.

What is the baguette law in France?

Regulations specify that traditional baguettes must be baked where they are sold, using only a traditional recipe that includes wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast. These stringent guidelines ensure the absence of freezing, additives, or preservatives throughout baking, preserving the baguette’s authenticity. However, this purity comes with a trade-off: without preservatives, baguettes tend to become stale after just one day.

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The baguette sandwich encapsulates the beauty and simplicity of quality ingredients. It is also one of the best picnic sandwiches around. They’re easy to transport and share, add a little extra pizzazz to any sandwich spread, and stand the test of time in the soggy sandwich stakes.

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