Therapy Room for Rent in Clermont - listed on US Therapy Rooms. (2024)

Upgrade your professional image: Private office rental services in Altamonte Springs Looking for a professional and private space to conduct your therapy, coaching, or advising sessions? Our private office rental service in Altamonte Springs, Florida, offers fully equipped and comfortable office spaces for therapists, coaches, and advisors who want to elevate their practice. We prov... 409 Montgomery Rd 21.6 miles Gym/Private Office Our gym/clinic in (Metro West) Orlando, Florida, offers fully equipped and comfortable office spaces for therapists, coaches, and advisors who want to launch their practice. We provide flexible scheduling and affordable pricing. Our convenient location and pricing make it easy for you to provide you... 1603 S Hiawassee Rd 16.8 miles Jai Li Spa 6150 Metrowest Blvd 17.2 miles Millenia Office High-Speed Wi-fiReceptionistAccess to kitchen/ coffee station/ fridge/ sinkAccess to parking for you and your clientsOffice located in professional services (dentist offices)Quiet buildingWaiting area for your clientsAlarm system 5956 Turkey Lake Road Suite 1 17.5 miles Shared massage therapy room available Room is available for anyone looking gor a space to use for appointments. 20% of your profits goes towards rent. You keep the rest. Office is located inside of a fitness center. Can also be used for Yoga or meditation. 8600 Commodity Cir 20.9 miles Thrive Fitness Month to Month rental is $1000. 6-12 month lease is $850. 185 S Westmonte Dr 22.0 miles Downtown Orlando--Beautiful Office Space This is a beautiful historic office building that has warm decor and a comfortable feel for clients and clinicians. The area is centrally located and convenient for people who live anywhere in Central Florida. The location is safe, well maintained, and within close proximity of several r... 734 Irma Ave. 22.3 miles Therapy room Treatment rooms ( #massage therapist, #chiropractor, #acupuncture physicans, #MD, #RN, #dietitian, #physotherapist, etx) available for rent in a integrative medical center located in Altamonte Florida (right across Altamonte mall, l4; exit 92, 12 min to downtown Orlando). Rental agreement can ... 789 Douglas Ave 22.5 miles Violett Counseling Therapy Rooms We have 6 adult therapy rooms, 2 child therapy rooms, a child assessment and parent consultation room, and group/workshop room. Beautifully appointed, Turnkey, Fully Equipped Suites 1110 Douglas Ave 22.6 miles Therapist/Counselor Office for Rent Rooms can accommodate 1-3 individuals for counseling/group sessions. Suitable for talking therapies, hypnotherapy etc. Waiting room and wifi included in rental fee. 545 N Mills Ave 23.0 miles Salon/spa suites for rent We have two treatment rooms available in a medspa with nine treatment rooms . We all get along really well and refer clients to one another as we all have different specialties . Come join us and become part of a team of professionals who work in a stunningly beautiful medspa 976 N Orange Ave 23.2 miles Downtown Maitland Therapy Office Space Looking for a space to grow your own practice while supported by therapist who are encouraging, supportive and safe to be around, that is just a glimpse of what you can expect to find at DBT Orlando, ETC. Effective Therapy Collective supports one another as we grow personally and professionall... 711 N Orlando Ave 23.4 miles Chic and Quiet Mental Health Shared Office Space Elevate Your Mental Health Practice in Hunter's Creek, Florida! Are you a mental health professional seeking an inspiring environment to flourish in your practice? Ready to take your mental health practice to new heights? Look no further! Our stunning shared office suite in the heart of Hun... 13538 Village Park Dr 23.7 miles Search 100 1117 N Semoran Blvd 27.1 miles Absolutely Beautiful Therapy Space in Orlando FL Private Practitioners, if you are seeking office space for your counseling practice, look no further. We have a beautiful, fully furnished office space available that we would be happy to share with another therapist or counselor. We currently have one furnished therapy room available for rent to a ... 3551 W Lake Mary Blvd 27.3 miles Therapy Room for Mental Health Professional Subleasing my office for a fellow mental health/counseling or related field professional in Clermont/Minneola area. Available until 3pm daily. Option of 2-3 days per week ($250 per month) or 4-5 days per week ($400 per month) 214 E Washington St <1 mile
Therapy Room for Rent in Clermont - listed on US Therapy Rooms. (2024)


What should a Counselling room look like? ›

Appealing therapy office decor

For Therapists: Interior design experts recommend decorating a therapy space with warm, relaxing colors. The waiting rooms should also be a place of rest, healing, and hope as soon as clients walk in the door.

How do you arrange a Counselling room? ›

The room should be as safe and welcoming as possible for your client. Rugs, throws and cushions all create a warm environment, as do homely bookshelves, framed pictures on the wall and flowers placed around the room.

What are the 3 most important things a counselor does during a counseling session? ›

5 key counseling skills
  • Active listening and responsiveness. As a counselor, a vital part of your job is to help clients feel heard, respected and validated. ...
  • Questioning ability. Counselors should be as skilled in asking questions as they are in listening. ...
  • Ability to interpret information. ...
  • Trustworthiness. ...
  • Empathy.
May 10, 2022

What not to do during counselling? ›

Here are some non-therapy things a mental health professional should never do in your session:
  • Ask you for favors.
  • Talk about things not related to why you're there.
  • Make sexual comments or advances.
  • Touch you inappropriately.
  • Make plans with you outside the session that don't relate to your mental health.
Feb 11, 2021

What are the best colors for counselling rooms? ›

Specifically, therapists should: Keep it light. The color of the office walls sets a tone. Wall colors in light, soothing colors like sage green or dusty blue promote a sense of calm and relaxation, environmental designers say.

What is required in a room for counselling? ›

The minimal requirements for a counselling room are that it facilitates confidentiality in terms of both: sound (preventing anyone outside the room or in an adjacent room overhearing) vision (so that any passers-by cannot see the client sitting there, for example through an external window or a glass pane in the door)

How big should a therapy room be? ›

Depending on the care population, most therapy spaces may need to be larger than 80 square feet (7.43 square meters) to accommodate outpatients using mobility devices. For additional information, see Section 2.3-3.2. 2.2 (Examination and Treatment Room Space Requirements-Clearances).

How big does a counselling room need to be? ›

5m x 4m room with cloakroom

It is a good-sized space with room for a sofa and chair. We have included a w.c. in one corner, so clients wouldn't need to use the facilities in the main house. We think this scale model shows that adding a toilet needn't steal a lot of space from within the room.

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